Certificates for our products and manufacturing

Responsible, environmental and honest manufacturing is the foundation of our business. We’ve organised our manufacturing to comply with different environmental and quality requirements.

Heat treatment ISPM 15 – standard that requires all wooden pallets must be heated at 56°C at least 30 minutes to prevent the spread of insects and diseases between countries. Heated pallets must wear a stamp to show the treatment and safety of international transport. Using ISPM 15 standard heated pallets are required for all shipments going in or out of European Union. If the markings are missing the goods may be sent back from the border.

UIC Green Cargo EUR pallet manufacturing licence – By their application, the manufacturer is obliged to fulfil the requirements in UIC Code 435-2 concerning manufacturing, quality surveillance and inspection of European flat wood pallets. The certification body DNV GL Business Assurance Sweden AB has through an initial inspection of the production site and audit proved that those of the manufacturer produced European flat wood pallets conforms to the requirements. DNV GL Business Assurance Sweden AB surveys quality and marking of the produced European flat wood pallets through continues inspections at the production site.

FIN pallet manufacturing licence – official licence by Inspecta Sertifiointi OY to manufacture certified FIN pallets for Finnish market.



IPPC EE - 1934 HT certificate for heat treated wood manufacturing

Wood pallet manufacturing according to IPPC EE – 1934 HT requirements.

Lisa 5. Sapronen OÜ Kuumtöötluse tunistus


Green Cargo UIC EUR-pallet manufacturing licence

UIC Code 435-2 licence by Green Cargo to manufacture certified EUR pallets

UIC Green Cargo EUR aluste tootmise litsents


Licence to manufacture FIN pallets

License to manufacture official and certified FIN pallets.


License to manufacture and store wooden pallets

License to store lumber, manufacturing, storing and selling wooden pallets.

License to store and sell wooden pallets