Your efficient and trustworthy partner in pallet supplying

We know that your good products aren’t enough. You have to get them to your clients safely and quickly. We have optimised our working processes and manufacturing to be trustworthy and reliable pallet supplying partner for Your business.

Our main advantage is manufacturing everything from the start to the finish. From a round log we produce lumber, pallet elements and firewood in our sawmill. We dry all wood on site according to ISPM 15 standards and manufacture wooden pallets, pallet elements, pallet accessories and firewood.

Localised manufacturing enables us to control the quality from the raw material to the final product, be more flexible to your requirements and reduce cost of buying and transporting materials from intermediaries. 

We’re flexible. No matter if there’s a big or small order. We’re always trying to meet your specific needs and urgent deadlines. On site manufacturing gives us more control of the product so we can meet your needs easily.

We manufacture professionally. Your goods must arrive safely to your customers. On site production, effective and modern machinery and qualified staff makes sure our wooden pallets are up to all standards and won’t let you down. Your goods will arrive safely to their destination.

Competitive prices. Production from raw materials to final product, optimised machinery, working processes and logistics to make sure everything works efficiently. This means lower manufacturing cost for us and better prices for you!

Timely delivery all around Scandinavia and Baltics. Our clients are from different countries. For that we have found logistics partners who can delivery our wooden pallets to you cost-effectively and on time all over Estonia, Scandinavia and Baltics. Since we manufacture everything on site the supply chain is much shorter and we can avoid many possible delays.

Pallet accessories. We know that often you might need additional protection for your goods. With wooden pallets you can get from us pallet collars and covers. More convenient and cheaper for you that way.

We are experienced. We have manufactured pallets and lumber from 2000. During the years we have eliminated manufacturing bottlenecks, quality fluctuation and problems on delivery. We have optimised our whole work processes and manufacturing so we would have steady high quality, problem-free deliveries and no unexpected issues. But still, we’re constantly looking how to make things even better.

Contact us and see how we can be useful for Your business.

Company: OÜ Sapronen

Reg. code: 10664066

VAT: EE100617995

Address: Jõe tn 16b, Tsirguliina alevik, Tõlliste vald, Valgamaa, 68301, Estonia

tel: +372 5309 8449