Wooden pallets, pallet elements and firewood

Certified euro pallets, custom wood pallets, pallet collars, lids, pallet elements and seasoned firewood

Our wooden pallets, pallet accessories and firewood

Wooden europallets UIC 800 x 1200


Certified euro pallet manufacturing and sales

Custom size wooden pallets

Custom size wooden pallets

Custom size wooden pallets manufactured according to your specifications and requirements

Pallet collars and lids

Pallet accessories

Wooden pallet collars and lids in standard and custom sizes

Certified standard FIN pallet

Certified FIN pallets

Certified standard FIN pallets

Pallet elements

Pallet elements

Pallet elements wholesale for wooden pallet manufacturing

Seasoned alder firewood in a net bag

Seasoned firewood

Seasoned alder firewood in a 40L net bag

All manufacturing on site. From round log to a certified euro pallet.


This means better price, guaranteed quality and faster delivery

Competitive prices

Local manufacturing from start to finish means eliminating material and transport cost from intermediaries. These enables us to give you a better price.

Quality products

Your goods must arrive safely to their destination! On site manufacturing means quality control from the round log up to the final product. Excellent quality for the final product guaranteed.

Timely delivery

You need to get your goods to your clients on time! Our manufacturing from start to finish eliminates third party supply problems and cost. This means faster and cheaper total production time and less possible delays.

Wooden pallets in all sizes, competitive prices and timely delivery all around Scandinavia and Baltics.