Wooden pallets, pallet elements and purchasing and selling of pallet material

Standard, certified and custom wooden pallets, EUR pallets, FIN pallets, pallet elements, purchasing and selling of pallet building material.

From raw timber to certified wooden pallets. Pallet elements and pallet material.

Sertifitseeritud euroalus UIC green cargo templiga 800 x 1200

EUR pallets and FIN pallets

Certified EUR and FIN pallets. Manufacturing and sales.

Erimõõdulised puidust kaubaalused

Custom wooden pallets

Manufacturing and sales of custom made wooden pallets based on your specifications

kaubaaluste kõrgendused ja kaaned

Pallet elements

Manufacturing and sales of wooden pallet collars and lids

kaubaaluse valmistamise materjal

Sale of pallet material

We sell different pallet manufacturing material


Construction timber

Construction timber for different purposes

Võrgus kaminapuud

Purchasing of pallet manufacturing material

We buy pallet manufacturing material

All manufacturing in house. From raw timber to certified pallets.


Guaranteed quality, reasonable prices and timely delivery.

Good prices

Manufacturing in our premises from the beginning to the end saves transport costs and middle-man fees. This means better price for you!

Quality product

We manufacture all ourselves. This way we can control all the material and manufacturing process. Quality product guaranteed.

Tähtaegne tarne

Kohapealne tootmine algusest lõpuni välistab toormaterjali tarneprobleemid ning muudab tarneahela lühemaks ja soodsamaks.


Wooden pallets in different sizes, pallet elements, collars and lids. Good prices and timely delivery.